How to Fix rats webgl hit a snag error?

So you are trying to access a certain web page on the Google chrome browser and you come across the Rats! webGL hit a snag. You retry accessing the page by refreshing, closing and opening the browser, restarting your system and perhaps even performing a religious ritual. Yet the error reappears and doesn’t budge. How do you solve this crisis? We completely understand what you are going through. Trust us, we have been there. So here are a few things you can do to get rid of it and make your browsing seamless. Learn How to Fix rats webgl hit a snag error?

What is WebGL?

Before we jump into solving this error, here’s a brief background that you must know. WebGL was first evolved through experiments that Vladimir Vukićević at Mozilla. The idea was to implement a wrapper of sorts to avoid the plugins that are needed to provide 2D and 3D interactive graphics for any browser. That’s how, Web Graphic Library popularly called WebGL came to life. It is a JavaScript API maintained by the Khronos group. WebGL is known for its ability to enhance browser performance and provide a wrapper for the OpenGL. Now when the wrapper fails or is not supported or simply hits an error, you are likely to find the Rats! webGL hit a snag error.

How to fix Rats! webGL hit a snag error?

1. Disable hardware accelerated graphics
The simplest and reasonably effective method to tackle this error is by disabling hardware
accelerated graphics. What this does is it makes the hardware acceleration which is responsible
for loading better quality images and graphics for GPU inactive. This will eliminate the WebGL
error. In fact if you may not require hardware acceleration at all if you have a CPU which is
powerful enough. So this method is also one with least side effects. You can disable it in the
Settings>Advanced settings. There you can simply deselect the Hardware acceleration option
if it is selected.
2. Disable WebGL flag from chrome
Now if you’ve followed the first method, you most likely won’t need this. But if the first method
hasn’t worked, you can use another trick to eliminate the error. You can disable the WebGL
option from Google chrome flags. In order to do this, you need to follow these simple steps. First
go to chrome://flags. Look for the WebGL option there. Check if it is selected. If yes, deselect it
using the drop down option. Once you’ve done this you can restart your browser and continue
browsing without any hiccups.
3. Reset Google chrome settings
You’ve tried the above methods and nothing seems to work for you. Don’t lose hope yet. Here’s
a sure solution to the error. Beware that this is the last solution you should use to get rid of this
error. When all else has failed, you can simply go to the Settings>Advanced settings> Reset
settings it will reset all the Google chrome settings to default and solve the error. Once that is
done, you can reopen your browser and access the page you wish without the error